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Where we are

The province of Lecce

The Province of Lecce is one of the provinces of Apulia.
It is situated at the boundary of Salento Peninsula. It is surrounded by  the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Ionian Sea to the south-west; it is bounded by the Province of Brindisi and the Province of Taranto to the north-west.
The province has 97 municipal districts, with 787.825 inhabitants (19,6% of the Apulian population) and it extends over 2.759 square km (14,3% of the Apulian region). (2001 ISTAT data).

Mostly flat, its widely extended lowlands area is separated by low reliefs called Serre (201 metres).

The main road itineraries which link the province to the A14 and A16 road junctions are the followings:


a. S.S. 613 "Brindisi-Lecce";
b. S.S. 16 "Adriatica";
c. S.S. 275 "S. Maria of Leuca".


a. S.S. 101 "Salentina di Gallipoli".


a. S.S. 611 "Otranto".


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